Saturday, May 23, 2015

Pahiyas Festival in Quezon 2015

When I was a child, I always get amazed by fiesta and marching band. As I get older, the festivities around my area has gone into plain, boring and ordinary one. So, I asked some of my officemates if they wanted to go Quezon to unwind and relax the mind from work.

A colleague from Quezon volunteered to be our tour guide and she provided us  an itinerary for 3 days/2 nights with estimated budget of 3,000 pesos including pasalubong.

May 15: After the 11-hrs of being zombie at work, We immediately headed to the FX Terminal in Legarda (along Raymond Bus) going to Famy Laguna via Antipolo. We left at 10 am and we were expecting a heavy traffic to come across during the trip, but it only took 3 hours to get there. We arrived in  Famy Laguna around 1:00 pm and waited for another 40 mins for the bus going Lucena. Then, rode a tricycle going to Lucban. The total fare would cost P200, if you followed this alternative route. (Too much transfer, but definitely worth your time especially if you are avoiding traffic.)

We took some rest before sneaking out the festival. I surprised that the event has turned lively during the night.

May 16:
  • We went to Lumang Palaisdaan for very cheap and sumptous breakfast
  • Climbed up Kamay ni Hesus 
  • Went to Batis and Majayjay Falls
  • Buddy's Restaurant Lucban
 view from lodging house 6am

May 17:
  • We woke up early to catch the mass at Lucban Church
  • Headed to Chito's Restaurant for full breakfast
  • We walked around to buy pasalubong
  • Eker and Ely's Famous Longganisa
  • Bus Terminal going back to Manila

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