Monday, August 17, 2015

Traveling Solo: Coron Palawan Adventures

Who would have turned down returning tickets to Coron, Palawan for only 564.00 via Skyjet? Anyone would have grabbed it. So, I did.  The challenge in this trip was to liberate my fears of doing something new, let go the insecurities I had in myself and meet new people.  All of those goals were partially met, I never thought that I would be having new friends and the curiosity of traveling alone has engaged me with the surroundings which made me feel safe to roam around. 

 This is my travel itinerary and budget to Coron, Palawan for 3 Days and 2 Nights:
*I spent more than my expected budget cause I have been lost in tracking the money I had in my pocket.I just let myself in buying things I want. Maybe for a newbie, try to find another cheap restaurants and also don't ever get avail of city town tour, do it on your own since Coron is just a small town. Those are ways to minimize your expenses during the trip.*

Mount Tapyas
The highlights of this place are the Mt. Tapyas, the Maquinit Hot Spring, and the Island Tours. If you have been to El Nido, then don't expect a lot from this town just enjoy the scenery and the restaurants. Also, things that are being sold from souvenir shops are quite expensive compared to other places, but you may find statement shirt way too much cheaper in this area.

As per advise of the receptionist of RB Transient House, TOUR A is the common choice for newbies. We have decided to avail it, and from there we met a lot of lively people from different walks of life. One of them are the couple from Germany, Inda and Kevin, who speaks Bisaya and tagalog very well. They came to Coron for a long-month vacation. I also expressed how much I envy their job and schedules. lol
Here are the contact details:
0917 502 6772 look for Ms. Monina
For Calamian Travel and Tour Package
0938 795 6596 / 0947 944 4070
Charisse Mendoza, my roommate
RB Transient House Standard Fan Room (450/N Good for 2)
Me, Charisse, and Wataru Kato (Japanese) from neighboring room of transient house. I initially asked them to go out since it was our last day. We were having dinner at Balinsasayaw Restaurant while listening to each others' stories and walked around town after. 
Mary Grace and Me

Despite of having a heavy-monthly-period during the island tour, I still enjoyed the most part of Coron Island especially the beach scenery. Dont let your period ruin the trip, bring a lot of all-night-napkins, or try what Mary told me "use tampons to avoid and get free from leaks while in beach" (Srsly? where to buy them? hahaha) I was only able to dip in to CYC beach because I feel like the leaks were coming out, conscious level was so high on me and there was no friendly bathroom around the area, how could I change or clean myself in beach? So, I stayed in a dry place for the whole trip, kept on watching and let myself appreciate the scenery. Now, I already have this place crossed out in my bucketlist, way more to go!