Saturday, April 4, 2015

Xiaomi Yi Camera Philippines

A tiny little thing caught my attention when I was browsing travel vlogs on youtube. It's an action camera that can be used underwater and has a good wide field view lens in it. Go Pro and SJCAM are the two famous brands available here in the Philippines. The GoPro 4 would cost within the price of 16,000 to 22,000 and one of the specifications of this device is to capture 4K quality videos like a real HD.
While the SJCAM is the inexpensive version of GoPro, and it comes with a lot of variants to choose from SJ 4000. SJ 5000 and SJ 6000. The specifications are good from quality wise to its price. Each unit would cost around 4,000 up to 7000 pesos. Just be careful and think twice before buying this product online because there's a lot of fake units out there.

A new brand came in. It is called "Yi Sports Camera" from China. The specifications are almost the same with the two other brands above. One of the admirable features of this is that you can use it along with a high milliampere power bank while filming or taking photos. The photo taken from this device is comparable to a mirror less camera where in value of image is real and no longer needs a third application to enhance it.

However, the only downside of this camera is for not having a small screen at the back because you can't see what is happening while you are away from a connected device. Also, the waterproof case is not included on the package. you have to buy it separately. A travel yi cam that comes with a mono pad would cost 6000, and the waterproof case cost from 600 to 1200 pesos. Xiaomi Yi cam is not available in the market, but it can be purchased from trusted online selling website like, kimstore philippines, and widget city.

I bought it online for P6000.

Unedited Photos with default settings
@ Divine Mercy Parish Church


  1. Hi, I'm El. Where did you buy your Xiaomi Yi Camera? What is the website? Thank you in advance. :)

    1. Hi El, I bought it online -, we met and became friends on facebook. If you want I can send his details to you. He has a lot of items from China particularly Xiaomi Products. What's your email address?

  2. im planning to buy one, can you send me also the link :) thanks

  3. Hi ate, which is good po? Yi or SJCAM?

  4. Try to search this on facebook Xiaomi Yi Sports Camera Users Philippines group. There are a lot of legit sellers.